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The growing prominence of alternative investments presents unique challenges requiring specialized expertise. This requires tailored solutions to satisfy the requirements of managers, investors, and fund auditors/regulators. Compliance and financial reporting obligations drive the need for valuation analyses and narrative reports aligned with International Valuation Standards.

Investment in alternative assets requires several valuation-related compliances to be adhered to. With the increasing scrutiny of regulators for such alternative investments, reliable and independent valuations are imperative. KNAV has expertise in providing fair value analyses for global businesses across all stages of growth. Clients have trusted us with their alternative investment valuations for financial reporting under ASC 820 / IFRS 13 and several local and global compliance-related valuations requirements. We offer our Private Equity and Venture Capital clients audit-ready valuation analyses and reports based on global valuation standards that are audited and accepted by the international offices of all large international accounting firms.

Our experience in valuations is sector and size agnostic, making us the choice of the firm in the era of increased scrutiny from market regulators, auditors and fund investors.

KNAVs suite of valuation services for alternative investments include:

  • Periodic valuation of your investee companies as a part of reporting to investors and regulators
  • Assist in financial and valuation due diligence of investee companies in line with regulatory guidelines
  • Valuation for compliance with Internal Revenue Service guidelines
  • Limited partnership interest sales on a pre-money and post-money basis
  • Secured and unsecured debt instrument valuation services
  • Preferred and common equity interest valuation services
  • Convertible securities, warrants, and options valuation services
  • Derivative security valuation services
  • Tail-end fund liquidations

How is KNAV delivering Above & Beyond?

Our valuation solutions enable KNAV to go the extra mile by providing efficient and effective support to private equity, hedge funds, banks, and financial services firms. Combining industry knowledge with audit, tax, compliance, and regulatory expertise ensures our deliverables satisfy all stakeholders’ needs.

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