KNAV looks at transactions through the lens of an investor and assists clients in identifying, evaluating, and successfully implementing their growth strategies. Combined with our deep knowledge, experience, and forward-looking perspectives, KNAV’s integrated network of specialists delivers leading practices that emphasize creating and preserving stakeholder value.

Our Services

Pre-transaction services

We offer pre-transaction services to help you build trust, embrace transformation, and drive growth – now, next, and in the future. Our team specializes in allocating investment resources, reducing risk, and improving decision certainty.

Post-transaction services

As part of its post-transaction advisory services, KNAV helps customers resolve their financial and accounting issues after the deal closes. In this critical period, we’ll serve as an ally to tie up loose ends and take action to ensure your value is realized.

Transaction Execution

Our transaction execution services include Due diligence, Quality of Earnings (QoE) reporting, Transaction tax advisory (Structuring, funding, etc.), Tax modeling of potential liabilities & assets, Business valuation reviews and Accounting advisory.


Financial Services


Private Equity /Venture Capital

Technology & Media and Entertainment

Healthcare and Pharma

Manufacturing and Distribution

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