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Office Location

Atlanta, US

Viraj Bhogle

Director – Transaction Advisory Services

Viraj is expert in advising multiple Indian conglomerates and private equity firms across industries to successfully navigate throughout their transaction life cycle delivering tailored advice.

He focuses on validating the key financial, operational, and strategic aspects of every transaction so that the client’s focus can be on structuring and negotiating a favorable transaction. His expertise helps the client to determine the accuracy of historical earnings, quality of earnings and assets, and the sustainability of earnings in the future.

Viraj has also worked on conducting year-end audits and quarterly reviews on financial statements prepared under US GAAP and IFRS serving cross-cultural clients and companies across industries.

How Viraj helps in achieving Above & Beyond?

Viraj has the ability to listen to and successfully interact with clients and team-mates at all levels of the organizational hierarchy has enabled him to better understand the needs of the business, build consensus between stakeholders in tough situations and deliver timely results.