State and Local Taxes


Are you looking for assistance in identifying, assessing, and adopting transfer pricing practices that comply with regulations and rules? Our The transfer pricing practice can help ensure that your company maximizes tax efficiency while minimizing tax adjustments and penalties.

Our tailored solutions help assist our clients in making decisions at planning, policy drafting, implementation , documentation & representation of inter-company transactions.

Are you looking for tax experts who can address your state and local tax responsibilities and facilitate the achievement of your business goals in the US and around the world?

Our dedicated state and local tax professionals offer the right solutions to complex issues related to income, sales and use tax, franchise, and other taxes.

Our approach considers an assessment of the exposure that our clients have with the consequent risks. We adopt a thorough process on the basis of legitimate opportunities for tax planning from a long-term perspective.

Our team is well versed with the intricacies of state and local taxes and offers a wide range of services that include:

  • Review of state and local tax liabilities;
  • Identification of potential tax minimization opportunities;
  • Representation for state and local income tax audits; &
  • Representation for sales and use tax audits.


Our state income tax team stays focused on ascertaining tested avenues so as to minimize your risk potential in the following manner:

  • Multi-state nexus and revenue apportionment studies;
  • File state and local income and franchise tax returns as applicable;
  • Review filing methodologies to identify potential risks;
  • Advise our clients on various state and local income and payroll tax credits, which may facilitate tax savings;
  • Advise our clients on the ‘tax return impact’, arising from new tax regulations and judicial decisions;
  • Communicate with state and local tax authorities to manage inquiries on behalf of your company; &
  • Assist with state and local income and franchise tax audits.


The laws for sales and use tax are complex, with numerous exemptions and somewhat confusing definitions varying from state to state. The permanent risk of potentially costly audits from state tax authorities adds to the urgency of getting it right the first time.

Our sales and use tax team undertakes the following:

  • Sales and use tax compliance services;
  • Sales and use tax advisory services; &
  • Audit support.

How is KNAV delivering Above & Beyond?

We combine our technical tax expertise with a thorough understanding of your business to analyze your exposures, identify opportunities, and recommend the best transfer pricing strategies.

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